State Psychiatric Hospital - Tserova Koria

Released Patients

The main goal, which the Hospital strives to achieve is: 

To guarantee a high quality medical care for the psychiatric patients through the provision of timely, very qualified and specialized medical assistance.

The Hospital policy is oriented towards contemporary methods of treatment, which encompass medication treatment with diverse psycho-social rehabilitation. The training of the staff in team work and in social psychiatry is supported by a Swiss psychiatric clinic. When the health condition allows, each patient is directed to activating therapy in

a work therapy atelier,

a group for progressive muscle relaxation,

training in social skills.

This helps the adaptation to the daily routine after the discharge from the Hospital.

STAFF Qualification

We would like to preserve the position of the State Psychiatric Hospital Tcerova Koria as the main treatment hospital for stationary psychiatric help in the district through the acquisition of a higher level of qualification of the psychiatric teams, which corresponds to the level of the leading treatment hospitals in the country and through the acceptance of the experience of the European traditions.

Different out-clinic courses are being offered. Within the clinic we have a specialized library, regular events for the acquisition of higher qualifications and discussion of the condition of the patients.   

TENDENCY toward Innovations

The Hospital leadership observes the contemporary requirements and strives when possible through its offers to keep in step with them.  

PUBLIC Relations

In its work the Hospital tries to create a larger network of interested institutions.

The aim is to seek ways for the patients to live outside the Hospital (integration in home and work environment, training in social skills, etc.) This requires the involvement of the staff in finding solutions through conversations with relatives and social institutions.