State Psychiatric Hospital - Tserova Koria

Released Patients

Information for Patients

At the time of admittance at the State Psychiatric Hospital Tserova Koria no taxes are due for the provided medical care. If the patient desires, he or she can be provided with additional services – a single room with a separate bathroom and toilette, etc.

Information about the health condition of patients is confidential. The staff does not have the right to give such information about the patients to anyone without permission. Only the general practitioner receives a recommendation for the further treatment of the patient.

At the time of your admittance a doctor will discuss with you the risks and your desire for treatment. If you agree with the doctor’s proposed treatment or if you refuse to be treated, you will be asked to sign a declaration.

What do you have to bring at the time of admittance?

  1. Soap, towel, tooth brush and toothpaste,
  2. A disposable safety-razor,
  3. Coat for the winter season,
  4. Silverware and a cup, without a knife,
  5. Personal identity card,
  6. Information (medical specialists' report or another document which verifies the presence and the held treatment of another existing illness.)
  7. On the territory of the Hospital there is a booth where you can purchase the necessary items, soft drinks and snacks.

Every ward has a television and cable TV. The Hospital has a small library, which is at your disposal. If you wish you can bring with you books, paper for letters, etc.


  • Alcohol.
  • Sharp and cutting objects.
  • Glass objects.
  • Easily decaying food products. 

The food is being prepared in a separate food center. It is served as follows:

Breakfast - 7.30 o’clock

Lunch - 12.00 o’clock

Supper - 18.00 o’clock


You have at your disposal medical specialists with excellent professional qualifications. A team of doctors, nurses, a psychologist, a rehabilitation therapist, a social worker and hospital attendants will care for your health.


You will be informed in advance of your discharge from the Hospital. Upon your request we can inform your relatives.