State Psychiatric Hospital - Tserova Koria

Released Patients

Activity 1. Project management activities

The activity provides the establishment of an organization for optimal allocation of the responsibilities, development of a detailed timetable for implementation of the project, preparation of project documentation, preparation of PPA documentation and selection of a subcontractor, carrying out monitoring of the activities. The activity provides financial management of the project.

The preparatory phase involves setting up the team, allocation of the duties, preparation of a work plan and communication, determining the control measures.

The implementation phase covers the rest of the period and it ends with the implementation and the report of all activities.

Activity 2. Information and publicity

The information and publicity measures, which the project team will perform, aim to increase the transparency in the implementation of the project, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 - 2014. The information and publicity measures will be in accordance with the Design and Communication Handbook and Annex IV of the Regulation.The Information policy of SPH - Tserova Koria, will ensure that the use of grants will be fully transparent. Various forms of visualization will provide information about the project to the widest possible range of stakeholders at regional level.

 The information policy aims to:

  • Inform the publicity;
  • Adequate visualization;
  • Inform the consumers and their families;
  • Change the public attitudes.

Activity 3. Construction and repair works- repair, reconstruction, renovation of the fixed compartments of the State Psychiatric Hospital - Tserova Koria

Construction and repair works will be carried out in the following sequence:

Preparatory phase- preparation of competition documentation, conduction of an open procedure under the Public Procurement Act and selection of a contractor.

Implementation phase of the construction and repair works - the work will require coordination of the hospital supply activities in order a staged space to be provided for the repair and reconstruction works - consistently release of the hospital wards with the release of safe construction sites.

The activity will conclude with the reception of the construction sites.

Activity 4. Delivery of furniture for the reconstructed and repaired wards

The activity will be implemented in the following stages:

Preparatory phase- selection of a subcontractor. The preparatory phase will begin immediately, before the end of the construction and repair activities.

Implementation – making custom furniture and buying a ready-made stocks; supply and installation of products, cleaning and organizing the inventory and the documents; acceptance of the work. Implementation of the Activity will start after the completion of the construction and repair works.

Activity 5. Additional training of the medical staff

The activity will improve the control over the process of medicine supply. As a result, the process of awareness of the medical staff, regarding the medicaments available in the pharmacy network, will be improved and facilitated.

The contractor will be selected in the preparatory phase

The implementation phase- training on computer network, installing programs, and training of the staff.

Activity 6. Reorganization of the services in the State psychiatric hospital - Tserova Koria

The purpose of the current activity is an early psychosocial intervention - from the moment of hospitalization in the acute phase of the disease episode.

Preparatory phase - it will cover a period of elaboration of the programs and their coordination with other activities of the hospital.

Implementation phase- implementation of the programs.