State Psychiatric Hospital - Tserova Koria

Released Patients

Introduction of the Hospital

The State Psychiatric Hospital Tzerova Koria is a specialized hospital for treatment of psychiatric illnesses in the district of Veliko Tarnovo. It provides the following services:
  • Diagnostics and treatment of psychiatric patients
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Psycho prevention and promotion of psychiatric health
  • Forensic psychiatric and work specialist report

The treatment process is performed in four separate wards for treatment of psychiatric illnesses, profiled according to the severity of the treated symptoms.

We offer the following care programs:

  • Getting schizophrenic episodes under control
  • Getting depressive and manic episodes under control
  • Getting episodes of confusion under control
  • Managing abstinence
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation in the stabilizing phase
  • Long term treatment program of dependences

The referral of patients for treatment is done in a planned manner by specialist psychiatrists in the pre-hospital network and by general physicians.

Emergency admittance is possible 24 hours a day in cases of life threatening psychiatric states.

Seventy professionals with excellent qualifications care for the patients. Our team consists of doctors, nurses, a psychologist, a rehabilitation therapist, a social worker and hospital attendants.