Държавна Психиатрична Болница - Церова Кория

Преминали болни

In connection with Annex No. 4 of PMS No. 704 "Indicative list of services provided by organizations providing public services" We provide the following information:


  1. Written Death Note;
  2. Issued to the hospital leaflet;
  3. Issued to the dublikat on the hospital leaflet;
  4. Published on medical documentation (medical expertise, recipes, regulations, protocols, certificates, certificates, expertise etc.);
  5. Preparation of a stage epicrisis in the transmission of a patient from one medical facility to hospital medical assistance to another;
  6. Elimination of the epicrisis when a patient is given out of a medical care facility or a medical care center;
  7. Provision of medical information from the medical facility concerning the medical condition of the patient, including a copy of the medical documents of the relevant institutions.



DPB s. Cerova Koriya is a state hospital and the well-built administrative services with free of charge.